Recruiting is too important to leave to chance

Hiring the wrong person lowers performance and destroys organizational morale. The InVista platform was designed to bring science and objectivity into the recruitment and hiring process so you can hire the right person the first time. 

As experienced I-O psychologists, we know the challenges you face when it comes to finding employees who not only meet your company's performance standards but who also fit in your company's culture. A bad hire costs time and money. We can help. 

Our assessment tools draw on 40 years of scientifically reliable, valid, and predictive success in psychometric and clinical assessment. We offer individual tests for targeted and precise measurement needs, including values and personality instruments.

We provide customizable role-specific solutions that measure specific competencies linked to job performance for specialized functions, such as customer service, sales, and more. We also offer advanced solutions ideal for leadership or high-potential staff assessments. InVista talent assessment represents a new venture for an established name in the assessment industry: PAR.

For 40 years, PAR has created best-in-class, gold-standard psychological assessments. Now, PAR has developed a revolutionary talent assessment platform to bring unparalleled quality, commitment to scientific best practices, and Customer service to the recruitment and development markets.