Find the right employees for your business needs

When it comes to building and growing your business, your top priority is people. Talent assessments can bring your organization higher performers, better leaders, more effective teammates, better decision making, and a greater return on investment for talent strategy. For assistance selecting the appropriate instrument, InVista offers a job-analysis-based implementation process to ensure that your needs are met. Our solutions assist with a wide variety of talent-related decisions and include:

InVista offers specific individual assessment tests for targeted and precise measurement needs. These include values and personality instruments to ensure you have the right employee in the right position.

InVista advanced talent solutions are concentrated assessment bundles focused on developing your staff or gauging your current bench strength. Our advanced talent solutions are ideal for leadership or high-potential staff assessment. The insights you gain will expose actionable strengths and weaknesses across your staff immediately, so you can make informed employment and developmental decisions.

InVista offers role-specific assessment solutions that measure competencies linked to job performance for specialized functions. These solutions can be tailored to focus on the most critical competencies each role requires.

  • Recruitment reports
  • Developmental reports
  • Structured interview guides

Roles commonly assessed using our role-specific solutions include:

  • Entry level
  • Customer service
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Professional
  • Manager