Talent assessment instruments developed for HR by HR professionals

Even the best tools need to be matched to best practices for optimal results. Having the right assessment tool is part of the equation, but what about the policies and procedures to ensure that it’s used most effectively? We can help you design the best systems for your organization, ensuring added legal defensibility and return on investment.

The InVista team helps identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for job performance in key roles. This information forms the cornerstone of our measurement solution, and we design assessment measurements to tackle the most critical competencies.

Many clients are interested in the relationship between assessment performance and a range of business outcomes, including speed to hire, retention, absenteeism, job performance, and promotability. By studying these relationships, we can show the return on investment of our products in the language you care about: the impact on your business.

Linking assessment scores to critical business outcomes is central to InVista solutions. Our team collects data on individual assessment performance and partners with you to analyze the statistical relationship between test performance and job performance.

The InVista team has years of psychometric expertise and experience. We can develop custom tests to measure virtually any competency, skill, or knowledge domain relevant to your business. We’re happy to walk you through our development and validation approach to ensure that your new measurement tool is effective, fair, and legally defensible.