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InVista is a division of an established company in the field of psychological assessment: PAR. For more than 40 years, PAR professionals have analyzed data, developed tests, and studied outcomes to produce valid, reliable assessment tools that are designed to help professionals help their clients live happier, healthier, and more productive lives.  Several of our tests are the gold-standards in their fields, and our customer support is the best in the industry.

We care about people, and part of our mission is to make it easier for you to help them. The PAR motto is “Creating Connections. Changing Lives,” and it’s a philosophy we live by every day.  


That’s who we are at PAR, and it’s who we are at InVista.

Individuals who are a fit with your organization's values, role requirements, competencies, and motivations are
10 times more valuable
 than average associates.

The InVista core value proposition

Technology to provide 
focused talent

Return on 
investment as a
best practice

science for products
and business services

Customer support


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