Gain a competitive advantage by

keeping great talent

Identify true drivers of turnover

to develop an effective

long-term talent strategy

Retention is key

It’s a straightforward concept:

By retaining top talent, your business is stronger and saves on turnover costs. In our current labor market, retaining talent is crucial for businesses to remain competitive.  Power has shifted to employees, and employers who are keeping talent are winning. InVista helps you mitigate risk by detecting drivers of turnover before you lose the talent.  


Our team of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists partners with your organization to uncover leading indicators of turnover. Assisted by machine learning and advanced statistical modeling, our insights are backed by your data. 


The outcomes of this study give a strategic roadmap for executives, outlining the areas most important to increasing retention.

Average time it takes to hire a new employee is 
42 days.
It takes another 8-26 weeks until that employee is fully productive.
How retention studies impact pre-hire assessments

In working closely with organizations, we often find a key reason for turnover is a misalignment among the role, the company culture, and the employee. InVista uses a retention analytics program designed to help your company select the best hires, leading to improved retention rates.

Retention analytics

High turnover rates and low staff satisfaction put your company’s bottom line at risk. Turnover costs are highly expensive, constituting as much as 30% of a lost employee’s salary.


A best practice approach to solving for retention is a

four-stage process with talent assessment as a core component.


Stage 1: Learn about your company

Stage 2: Analyze the current environment

Stage 3: Provide indicators of turnover

Stage 4: Provide on-going guidance


InVista’s retention analytics program includes a full four-stage process, with talent assessment as a key component of stage 2.


InVista uses these findings to develop an objective, practical, and data-driven pre-hire assessment program to enhance your talent strategy.

Staff development


InVista’s advanced solutions allow you to identify hidden potential in the staff you already have.


By providing you with insights into existing staff, you will discover strengths that allow you to invest, develop, and promote from within, moving candidates into positions that fit their strengths, allowing them—and your business—to succeed.

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