Enhance your talent strategy

Find the right employee the first time

Talent assessment can bring your organization higher performers, better leaders, more effective teammates, better decision making, and a greater return on investment for talent strategy.

This goes well beyond screening for skills and abilities—we help you find employees who also match with your company values, who are most likely to be satisfied with the position, and who will best improve your long-term bottom line.


These solutions all feature reports that offer hiring recommendations, detailed results, score interpretations, developmental plans, and structured interview questions to streamline your interview process.

The InVista platform was developed with the candidate experience in mind.


We offer several ready-to-launch role-specific talent assessment solutions that fit many common hiring needs. 


Want to be sure your candidate has the characteristics he or she needs for sales success?


Need someone who can interact well with customers and has great attention to detail?


Looking for retail associate who will sell your merchandise and wow your customers?

Looking for your next sales manager?


Need an employee who works well independently and can collaborate effectively?

Find the perfect manager for your business.

Also available!
We can help you gauge your current bench strength to develop high potential staff within your organization. Reports provide hiring recommendations, test interpretation, and developmental plans.

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