The right person.

The right job.

The right fit.  

Identify and develop the right employees

When it comes to building and growing your business, your top priority is people. Having the right people in the right roles is key to a company's success.


It’s simple, really: Well-placed employees are satisfied employees, and satisfied employees are more productive and will stay with your company longer. At InVista, talent assessment is not just about matching a candidate’s education and skills to the right position.

We stray from the résumé to understand employees at a deeper level—examining things like working styles and work values and personality—to ensure he or she will be compatible with your company’s culture as well.

Our process

  1. Complete a thorough analysis of your business needs.

  2. Determine the best solutions for your company.

  3. Provide the tools you need to measure what matters.

Businesses that use prehiring assessments are 36% more likely to be satisfied with their new hire.

How we measure what matters to you

At InVista, we analyze your company’s unique needs, and then develop talent assessments to address those needs. Our solutions measure what YOU need to know—all on an easy-to-use intuitive platform—giving you confidence in your hiring decisions and boosting your bottom line.

Your needs

Meet job requirements

Fit company values and culture

Insightful, effective assessment 

Our tools

Thorough analysis 

Custom assessment

Flexible solutions

Your solutions

Critical components

Tailored scoring


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