Develop and

grow your talent

A better way to identify hidden potential

Sometimes the perfect candidate is already in your organization—he or she just needs the opportunity for growth and development.


Let us help you look deeper into your existing talent pool to identify your company’s future leaders. InVista advanced talent solutions provide an assessment of current staff so you can gain insights and learn more about your employees' strengths and weaknesses.

​InVista’s advanced solutions are ideal employee development tools to foster your leadership and high potential talent, allowing you to promote confidently from within.

Identify and nurture your high potential talent

Your most talented team members are ambitious and excited about the next step in their careers. The InVista High Potential solution utilizes employee performance evaluation coupled with assessment testing that’s backed by I/O psychology and science. The results help you understand individual strengths and weaknesses, allowing you the ability to coach your talent to leverage their untapped potential.

Customized coaching for your company’s future leaders


Strong leaders help propel your company forward. Whether you’re looking to promote from within or coach your current managers to maximize their effectiveness, the InVista Leadership solution provides the tools you need. This employee development assessment is designed to go beyond a management styles test and lets you offer individualized coaching for your future leaders and difference-makers.

Training & Support


When you work with InVista, you’ll get service you’d expect from a partner. We provide comprehensive platform instruction and detailed training, including recorded sessions for additional instruction, plus ongoing guidance and technical support.


With InVista, you’ll enjoy a partnership that lasts the life of the relationship—from implementation to training and beyond.

Why does employee development matter?


Research shows that 94% of employees are willing to stay at a company longer if that company invests in their career development.1


Investing in employee development tools sends your talent the message that you value your staff and their unique skills.

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