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Talent assessment can bring your organization higher performers, better leaders, and a greater return on investment.
Pre-hire assessments that fit your business

Because all organizations are different, we offer two approaches to pre-hire assessments.


We have a range of ready-to-launch talent assessment solutions for a variety of positions, allowing your organization to get started immediately.


We can also tailor our hiring solutions specifically for your company to ensure candidates are the right fit for your organization and your unique roles.


Both our ready-to-launch and tailored assessments include the same modern platform which houses score reports, development reports, and interview guides.

Why use pre-hire assessments?

Sometimes referred to as pre-employment tests, our pre-hire assessments go well beyond screening for skills and abilities. We help you find employees who match your company’s values, who are most likely to be satisfied with the particular position, and who will best improve your long-term bottom line.

Our easy-to-use platform

The InVista platform was developed with the candidate experience in mind. Not only is it quick, easy-to-use, and powerfully insightful, but it’s also intuitive and convenient.


All our assessments are mobile optimized. Upon sending candidates a link to an assessment, they can easily access the link and complete testing on their own computer, tablet, or smart phone at any time, 24/7.

Get started with ready-to-launch solutions

With InVista’s ready-to-launch standard solutions, you can ensure that your candidate has the competencies he or she needs to succeed in the following areas:

Each solution focuses on critical competencies linked to job performance. In addition, we can tailor solutions for any competency in any role at any level.

Analytics that work

All our solutions offer in-depth reports featuring detailed feedback, hiring recommendations, score interpretations, and developmental plans. You’ll also receive structured interview questions that can help streamline your interview process.

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